Monday, 27 October 2014

Dr David Killick attends the IEREST Symposium, Durham

The IERESTSymposium at the University of Durham (22 October 2014) was a stimulating and uplifting day. Members of IEREST Project were trialling materials being development to enhance the learning of students on Erasmus exchange programmes. There was a clear commitment from all participants to the principles of enabling students to take forward their intercultural learning and to derive the most from their study abroad experiences. But, there also there seemed to be much agreement with my own proposals that this work is too important to be reserved for the minority of students who do study abroad. 

Working towards enabling course teams to embed dimensions of interculturality within disciplinary contexts is something all universities should be focussing on. Adrian Holliday’s exceptionally clear exposition of his grammar of culture offered an interesting framework against which this work might be developed.
Dr David Killick