Monday, 16 November 2015

Think Taxonomies are boring-? Then think again….

By Sue Smith 

Calling module leaders, course teams and course designers! Do you want a useful tool to help you with writing course and module learning outcomes?
Think Taxonomies are boring-? Then think again….
We all love classifying and sorting things- from sock drawers to library books to animal breeds….
Do you need a useful tool to help you organise and design a course with suitably levelled assessments and appropriate activities?

If so, you might want to use our updated Taxonomy of Assessment Domains which has recently been revised by a University Short Life Working Group.
Academic staff from all our Faculties worked hard at simplifying the language, drawing out the development of learning expected from students at each undergraduate and postgraduate levels of the taught courses and on the research courses award.
They also worked to integrate our graduate attributes (being enterprising, digital literacy and having a global outlook) and came up with some good ideas if you are struggling with how to make them more visible in your undergraduate courses. Click here for some useful graduate attribute related help and how you can link them to the required domains.

Even better if you want to get all interactive and drill down to understand each domain better then use this designed by The Centre for Learning and Teaching’s own learning technologist, Becky Sellers. It is proving to be a useful, fun teaching tool for less experienced staff to practice their course design skills.