Thursday, 23 July 2015

My public lecture at Queen Mary

Very interesting to give a public lecture at Queen Mary University, London on Tuesday. A mixed audience threw in some really challenging thoughts, in particular about how it can be that we are still talking about things like intercultural capabilities after 30 years of talking about them!

I do believe we have developed a more complex understanding of the kinds of capabilities our graduates will need to lead lives they have reason to value in a globalising world, and some universities are beginning to make changes to curriculum content and delivery to help them become the kinds of people they will need, and we will need, if our futures are to involve dwelling comfortably amidst diversity. However, there is much much more to do, and the urgency for universities to think about their global role is real, and is made more crucial with advances in TNE provision.

On a personal note, I think I need to work on my 'lecture' style when it is being streamed and recorded - too much pacing!