Friday, 24 April 2015

Jisc Digifest 2015

Simon and myself attended Jisc Digifest on the 9th-10th March. The event was an opportunity for us to see how Jisc and other university institutions are currently implementing technology within learning & teaching.

Digifest is the first event like this that I have attended on my placement with CLT and I learnt a lot about what other universities are doing in terms of Digital Literacy in the space of just two days.

The event was made up of different keynote speakers and workshops led by professionals and academics in this sector. The sessions ranged in content but were all focused on different ways technology and digital literacy can be enforced in higher education. I attended two keynotes and seven workshops that varied in topics and styles.

The main elements that I found interest in at the event were regarding mobile learning and bring your own device methods. This is something that I, as a student, would like to be enforced at our University. I can see these elements being beneficial to my learning when I go back into my third year after my placement. I can also see how these methods could potentially be useful other students across the university.

I also attended workshops based around how media and television can be used within teaching and learning. What I was being shown were programmes that are very similar to the Beckett media player; this is something that could be utilised more within teaching and learning and somewhere that enables students to use and reference television/film clips royalty-free in their work.

Digifest was a useful event that has given me ideas of what types of digital learning that is available, as well as making me aware that the ideas and methods discussed at the conference the Centre for Learning & Teaching has already enforced or are in the process of developing.

By Kate Hoban